Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WARNING >> EXTREMELY GRAPHIC - A public hanging in Iran today...


As the young man is being prepared for execution, the two people who are filming the video are lamenting his fate and talk about imagining what he must be feeling, as he is being sent up to the noose. 


The young man then starts to beg to see his mother a last time and the mother's voice can be heard, wailing in the background, but the executioners refuse to let him embrace his mother a last time. He cries out: "Mother, mother, please bless me...bless my soul mother..."


Finally, he is hung and those cheers that are heard are praises for his soul (saying that he is free, he is free) and prayers for him to rest in peace. Important to know that those are not cheers of happiness or voyeuristic delight.


Then the people in the crowd are interviewed and they say that they have no clue what the fellow's crime had been and why he had to be publicly executed...but perhaps he had done something bad....but he should have been permitted to embrace his mother and that that was his right and why did they stop him from that one last, simple thing he wanted before being mercilessly killed. The interviewer who turns out to be a reporter for the Iranian regime media then also admits that he was sent to cover the execution but he too is clueless as to the now-dead man's crime.


So it is...another day in the life of Iranians under the bloodied heels of the Supreme Leader... 



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