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Al-Jazeera, The Art of Deception! Electronic voice for the Muslim Brotherhood and their militias


Electronic voice for the Muslim Brotherhood and their militias

Al-Jazeera channel, The Art of Deception!

 By Ali Al Sharnoby  Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cairo, Egypt—The mostly hyped up Arab Spring was nothing more than a plan arranged by some foreign intelligence agencies to enable certain groups of radical Islam to attain power to implement the schemes of those countries. The suspicious role of Al-Jazeera Qatari channel in first inciting these revolutions, then amplifying them to spread is now exposed through Egyptian court documents.

The exposure of the Qatari role as a sponsor and a godfather of radical Islam groups and their extremists was only a matter of time.

Since the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Al-Jazeera has allocated one of its channels for Egyptian affairs only—which it did not do for any other of the Arab Spring countries. This channel became the electronic voice for the Muslim Brotherhood and their militias.  It contributed significantly in their success in the presidential and parliamentary elections by promoting the Muslim Brotherhood and was backed by the Emir of Qatar and his prime minister.

After the overthrow of the Brotherhood in Egypt, Al-Jazeera assigned its channels to repeat 24/7 lies, distorted facts, and incitement against the new authority and the Egyptian people who had taken a strong stand against the rule of the Brotherhood.  Al-Jazeera presented footage from anti-Brotherhood demonstrations portraying them as pro-Brotherhood demonstrations.  They would divide the screen into 6 to 9 sections, claiming them as scenes of various demonstrations demanding the return of the Brotherhood and visible condemnation of the military coup. Scrutinizing the demonstrations, it was proven that four or five sections of the entire screen was only one demonstration taken from different angles.

Al-Jazeera,  which purports to defend democracy and calls on Arabs to apply it, have not once criticized the Qatari government or shown human rights abuses in its home country, as if Qatar is the promised paradise, despite the well-known scandals of the Qatari ruling family.

Finally, when coverage became a real threat to national security,  Egyptian authorities moved in to shut down Al Jazeera’s Cairo bureau, banning its activities as a hostile channel inciting violence and riots.

Following the recent arrest of some 20 Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt, known as the Marriott Hotel Cell, the foreign national journalists were put on trial for using equipment without a license,  broadcasting false information, possession of misleading video footage and falsified reports designed to distort the image of Egypt abroad.

The detainees include journalists from Australia, America, Britain and Canada.  Demands poured in from the United States, Britain, Australia and even Amnesty International, for the immediate release of the detained journalists—despite the fact some admitted joining the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group. says that, in the bloody violence between supporters and opponents, Al-Jazeera was one of the biggest instigators of strife and unrest through the dissemination of false news.

Mohamed Adel Fahmy, the manager of Al-Jazeera English-language office in Cairo admits he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Fahmy, a Canadian citizen, confirmed that he rented two suites at the Marriott Hotel in Cairo to avoid security monitoring.  The hotel was used to hold meetings to organize demonstrations they later broadcast.

Another defendant admitted that he prepared press reports which distorted the overall picture of Egyptian society, showing scenes of chaos on the streets, meant to depict a state of hostility between the people and their government.

Some would say that Al-Jazeera’s gig is up in Egypt.



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