Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Communist Party USA to Push Obama's Agenda at Convention


Communist Party USA to Push Obama’s Agenda at Convention

Posted on 25 Feb 2014 @ 17:36 by Brent P.


By Jennifer Burke

The Communist Party USA is returning to the site of its founding. The group is scheduled to hold their annual conference in Obama’s hometown of Chicago on June 13 – 15, 2014. Though the party is now officially headquartered in New York City, its roots are in Chicago with the party being officially founded in 1919 and meeting as a group for the first time in 1984. It also retains a satellite office in the city of Chicago.

The Illinois Herald reports that the conference’s theme will be one synonymous with what the Democrat party preaches. That is to ‘put people before profit’ and ‘build a movement to transform America’.


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