Monday, February 24, 2014

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 Demanding statistics about medical care the government has jumped upon the term metrics..Thus your MD checks boxes or he will lose federal dollars. Read this letter to the editor from the WSJ written by a typical bureaucrat (MSPH). These guys make money by dreaming up "studies" that waste time and accomplish zilch. Consider some panel may  wade through  billions of pieces of data and decide the appropriate cups of coffee to drink each day. Look at this gobbly-gook explanation below. I shudder at the thought of an "army of care managers"

From WSJ 2/24/2014..

I am frustrated by Dr. McEvoy's perspective on the apparent nuisance of metrics in medicine today. The obvious alternative is to rely less on metrics and to perpetuate the delivery of the most expensive medicine in the world while simultaneously making no wholesale, measurable improvements in the declining health and well being of Americans today. While pediatricians practice medicine that doesn't dwell in the chronic condition, physicians in general must recognize that the business-as-usual train left the station with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, like it or not.

Primary-care physicians, Dr. McEvoy among them, should use these metrics to empower a cadre of able physicial assistants, nurse practitioners and other midlevel care managers to orchestrate a symphony of patient-centered medical care in which the PCP sees the sickest, most challenging patients. The army of care managers should be the ones to address, manage and document the appropriate, necessary (and often mundane) measures to move the practice's population to a healthier state. It is Dr. McEvoy's transitional obligation to manage and direct these physician extenders. One on one, physician-centered medicine has already established its limitations when it comes to caring for this chronic, new world and physicians need to take notice.

Steve Daly MSPH

Robert  H. Berrie DDS MscD

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