Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Islam's Shadow War Against the World


Islam's Shadow War Against the World

Islam is different from other religions because it is all consuming. Unlike Judaism, Islam demands the conversion of the unbeliever or punishment is meted out in this life, not just the next. Unlike Christianity, Islam demands non-Muslims to remain silent about their beliefs. Unlike Buddhism, violence is often prescribed to ensure the spread of Islam. All of these things have worked together to ensure Islam’s dominance of North Africa and a huge swath of Asia… but it’s not enough. Islam wants more. Islam demands more.

And so over the last generation we have idly watched as Islam has spread to Europe and began infecting pockets of the West. So much so that even as some nations have begun to try to defend themselves, the reality is that they are too late. They never realized they were fighting a shadow war.

As Germany begins to succumb to Islam, just as much of the rest of the world has, some brave voices have stood up to fight back. One of those voices has become an internet sensation for her brave stand against Islam. Her name is Heidi Mund, and she has decided that her country is worth fighting for.

Conservatives are sometimes seen as “anti-Islam” for our editorializing against the religion. But the truth is that we are not “anti-Islam,” per se, but anti any religion or philosophy that would seek to enslave those who disagree with it. One of the core values of our Republics is the freedom of the individual to live as they choose without the by or leave of others… Islam flies in the face of this belief.

We are not anti-Islam at Eagle Rising. We are anti-violence. We are anti-slavery. And we are pro-freedom. Sadly, where Islam is prevalent, the world-over, these values are not. Modern (and I would argue historic) Islam does not allow room for freedom of thought, religion or lifestyle – so we must stand against it.

We stand with Heidi Mund and the German people against Islamic fascism.



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