Monday, February 24, 2014

Killing Christians: What Muslims Do Best


Killing Christians: What Muslims Do Best

Considering Islam’s appalling anti-Christian dogma–it should come as no surprise that 9 out of the 10 top countries sited for extreme Christian persecution are Muslim.

(The only non-Muslim nation to make the top ten list–which was compiled by Open Doors USA– was North Korea.)

It’s time to eschew all the PC bullsh*t and drivel emanating from the spineless cowards that pollute our political landscape–and just tell the damn truth: Killing Christians is what Muslims do best.

That’s right: Killing Christians!

And the paradigm for such savagery and bloodletting was set by, you guessed it–the Prophet Mohammed. During his 72 military campaigns (to propagate Islam via pain and suffering)–thousands of Christians (infidels) were either raped, tortured or killed because they (according to Mohammed) were subhuman scum.

Following Mohammed’s death in 632 AD–his henchmen continued his insidious legacy by invading Christian North Africa. And the results, needless to say– were nothing short of horrific. Not only were millions enslaved–but even more were mercilessly butchered beyond recognition.

This brutal encroachment into North Africa was part of the first wave of jihad which ended around 750 AD. And the battle cry used by the invading Muslim hordes was taken straight from Mohammed’s own invective “Fight against those [Christians] who believe not in Allah.”

Again, what we are witnessing in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (all on Open Door USA’s top ten list of offenders) are the cruel and macabre manifestations of  Mohammed.

From churches being torched to forced conversions to Christian girls being gang-raped by Islamo-thugs shouting “Allah Akbar”–the followers of Mohammed (Muslims) wax rhapsodic when killing Christians.

And nothing will ever be able to efface this disturbing truth.

The Prophet Mohammed’s bloody legacy is etched in stone–and therefore undeniable. And like him (history’s first Muslim)–his followers are at their best when killing Christians.

Religion of “peace”—my a**!



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