Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Outernet" a project to provide Free Internet across the Globe


“Outernet” a project to provide Free Internet across the Globe


One of the US Company going to build an ‘Outernet’- which is a Global network of cube satelites brodcasting Internet data to all of the people on the Globe for FREE.

Basically, the idea is simple-Provide Free Internet access to all of the people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship, according to the New York based non-profit organisation, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF).


Outernet consists of a constellation of hundreds of low-cost, miniature satellites in Low Earth Orbit. Each satellite receives data streams from a network of ground stations and transmits that data in a continuous loop until new content is received. In order to serve the widest possible audience, the entire constellation utilizes globally-accepted, standards-based protocols, such as DVB, Digital Radio Mondiale, and UDP-based WiFi multicasting.

According to MDIF, Hundreds of cube satellites to be built and launched to create a constellation of sorts in the sky, which allow anyone to connect with the Internet through Mobile or Computer.

Still today 40%  of the people in the world are there who are not able to connect to the Internet, due to several reasons includes restrictive government rules, high cost of bringing service to remote areas.

An Outernet would allow people from Siberia to parts of the western US to remote islands or villages in Africa to receive the same news as those in New York or Tokyo.

The Outernet would be one-way – data would flow from feeders to the satellites which would broadcast to all below.

MDIF also waiting for the funds, after that it will be able to transmit from anywhere.

According to MDIF, such type of networks cost $100,000 to $300,000 to build and launch, well it’s not a cheap amount.

Currently the organization plans to have prototype satellites ready in June with initial deployment happening mid-2015.


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