Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red Line Warning - BS


February 20, 2014

Red Line Warning - BS



I know this is not going to make me popular, taking a line from my friend Terry Miller but, I am about tired of Zero drawing a red line anywhere. This is absolutely ridiculous folks. Our military leadership is in shambles and he reminds me of Lyndon Johnson calling strikes on Vietnam from the White House.  


He has made threat after threat with no balls to roll on anything. Those with intelligence know we can serve no purpose going into one civil war after another. We can’t police the world. We have to pick our battles. The Ukraine is Mr. Putin’s problem and I guarantee you he will handle it. Forty years ago when I got into law enforcement I was told by a guard at Angola Prison in Louisiana that they fired warning shots at prisoners escaping.  The second shot was the warning. This is the way Mr. Putin will handle this. It is not our place to judge. 


Zero started his toothless rant with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad over the use of chemical weapons which Saddam Hussein shipped to Syria when GW was hot on the trail of them. Al-Assad and Hussein knew that we would not start a conflict with them while killing off some Al Qaida folks, hunting some more and restoring peace to a country. Notice I said some. You can chop off the head but, not the rest of the den my daddy taught me that and he has always been right. Those killers went right back in there.  


Back to Syria Zero wimped out on that one and left us looking like a Paper Tiger. For those of you who haven’t been around we were tagged that in the sixties by Mao Zedong's of China. We were all roar but we had no bite.  


I like Putin. He is a Russian cowboy. He has his agenda in a country that has be run that way for hundreds of years and will continue to run it that way. Get used to him. He is the next hero and peace maker. With a wimp like Zero we got to fall back on someone.  


Folks all over the world are talking about him and his idiotic red line. "Hasn't he learned his redline lesson?" tweeted Robert Danin, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.” (Reuters). In the south we call that stupid is as stupid does.  He is out talking about consequences that he will place on the Ukraine should this continue. What is he going to do take away their lollipop????


Wake up folks this wimp has completely dropped our military into 2nd place now under China. You want to wake up in the morning under dictatorship under them. No freedom, only one child, no guns, and I can go on.  Sweat shops to work in all of the things bad we hear of China. However, I heard the other day they grab some good cooking oil out of the sewer daily and make a great profit.


We ain’t the USA we once were folks. Our troops will tell you if you dare ask them. A lot of you out there tooling around in your own little world as long as Zero don’t bother you it’s okay. You better wake up and smell the coffee or you might be smelling eggs cooked in some left over grease.


Drones are great but, they are only tiny pit bulls. If you have heard the kids talking about them and the fear of hearing them all day long wondering if they will be the next unintended victim then stop watching HBO. Those kids need to know that they are free from fear. They need to hear that plane coming with the same surgical strike feeling they have a good chance they will be here in the morning.


We need another Reagan, Roosevelt (Teddy), Coleman Powell, or Truman that will carry a big stick. We need a leader with a back bone that does not bend and kiss some foreign leaders ring or ass. That is for the ignorant people… I may have gotten it right after all.


God Bless America and say your Prayers to get this country back together.


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