Friday, February 21, 2014

'Rules are for little people' - the De Blasio edition

February 21, 2014

'Rules are for little people' - the De Blasio edition

Thomas Lifson


Whenever a leftist planning an assault in inequality gets a little power, you can safely wager a week's wages that it won't be too long before he or she starts behaving with haughty disdain for the rules pronounced for others to obey. So it is with New York's new Mayor Bill De Blasio. CBS New York reports:

Just days after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an aggressive plan to prevent traffic deaths, CBS 2 cameras caught the driver of a car carrying the mayor violating a number of traffic laws.

But the NYPD responded Thursday evening that the mayor's caravan, which is operated by police, sometimes has to use special driving techniques for protective reasons.

Exactly. Can't have the same rules applying to the nomenklatura as to the proles. Rules, in the immortal words of another New Yorker (Leona Helmsley) are for little people.

As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, the mayor's two-car caravan was seen speeding, blowing through stop signs, and violating other traffic laws. Kramer reported that if the driver of the lead car, which carried the mayor in its passenger seat, had been cited, he would have racked up enough points to get his license suspended.

Hey, it's tough work demonizing people who have worked hard and earned a lot of money. He must be very busy.

There's more to come, rest assured. Don't think for a minute that De Blasio will be content to live the way struggling bus drivers, construction workers, or other struggling middle class folks do. He is the powerful champion of the little guy, and he needs his comforts. You know how it works; you've seen Barack and Michelle livin' large. At least De Blasio doesn't have a couple of 747s at his beck and call.

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