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Terror in USA - 22 Training Camps, Minneapolis Explosion


Terror in USA – 22 Training Camps, Minneapolis Explosion

Editor’s Note – If you did not already know, it is now obvious, the Obama Administration has ordered all federal agencies to hide any connection, or deny any exist between violent events and anyone or any any entity in the Islamic community in America. Therefore, we do no have any official terror attacks but we all know we definitely have experienced many.

Ft. Hood was a terror event, the attack on the power infrastructure in Northern California was a coordinated terror attack or test run of an even bigger one, but one of the more obvious denials is what happened in Minneapolis last month. A bombing in a known Muslim enclave of ill-repute.

Why bother having an FBI? If not for groups like “The Investigative Project” and “The Gates of Vienna” group showing the truth, few would ever know the whole story.

Of even more concern is the “news” that we have Jamaat ul-Fuqra actively running terror training camps in at least 22 locations. Bryan Preston at PJ Media released an article yesterday exposing what many of us have known for years, there are terrorists training here and the FBI has known all along.

The Clarion Project has unearthed Federal Bureau of Investigations documents detailing a 22-site network of terrorist training villages sprawled across the United States. According to the documents, the FBI has been concerned about these facilities for about 12 years, but cannot act against them because the U.S. State Department has not yet declared that their umbrella group, MOA/Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

MOA stands for Muslims of the Americas, which is linked to radical Pakistani Muslim cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. The FBI documents that Clarion has obtained show that the group is headquartered in the well known “Islamberg” compound in rural New York. The facility in Texas is known as “Mahmoudberg.” It’s located in Brazoria county on County Road 3 near Sweeny. Sweeny is in far south Texas, southwest of Houston. The town of about 4,000 is a little under three hours’ drive from the state capital in Austin. (Read the rest here.)

Why do we know this? We know it because many of us showed them the proof, many times, over many years. SUA staff members were among many of these investigations going back beyond 2005. Now, we see more proof:

The Al-Shabaab Connection

From the Gates of Vienna Investigation

The day after last month’s explosion and fire at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, an FBI agent named Greg Boosalis reassured Minnesotans that there was no evidence of terrorist activity in connection with the devastating explosion.

I wondered at the time — and still wonder — how the FBI could be so certain less than forty-eight hours after the blast that no terrorism was involved. The immediate neighborhood of the demolished building is a known hotbed of terrorist activity, and is especially notorious for the recruitment of mujahideen and funds for the jihad being waged by al-Shabaab in Somalia.

As it turns out, the FBI was absolutely derelict in ruling out a terrorist connection with 514 Cedar Avenue South. Our Minnesota correspondent Henrietta has examined property and business license records for the city of Minneapolis, and found a clear trail leading from the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque to the destroyed building, and from there to a pair of convicted money-launderers for al-Shabaab.

The Al-Shabaab Connection
by Henrietta

A little sleuthing has revealed some interesting facts regarding the Cedar-Riverside property that exploded and burned on January 1, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Via the City of Minneapolis Property Information website I learned that the building was owned and managed by the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque and Wadani Properties.

When I typed in 514 Cedar Ave S, the address of the Otanga Grocery, this is what popped up:








According to the City of Minneapolis Property Information website, the Otanga Grocery, 514 Cedar Avenue S, is owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah Cultural Center, 504 Cedar Ave S. Go to the “Business Licenses” tab and click on “Show the Details”: Otanga Grocery — 514 Cedar Ave S is listed.

So, according to the City of Minneapolis Property Information website, the Otanga Grocery located at 514 Cedar Ave S was/is owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah Cultural Center.

When I typed in 510 Cedar Ave S Wadani Properties was listed as the owner and taxpayer:


Property ID: 2602924410070

510CedarAveS Minneapolis, MN 55454

Wadani Properties Llc Mpls Mn 55404
Wadani Properties Llc
2200 Franklin Ave E Minneapolis Mn 55404

Under the “Structures at this Address” tab CRA RETAIL & APARTMENTS was listed at 510 Cedar Ave S and 512 Cedar Ave S.

According to the City of Minneapolis Property Information, 2200 Franklin Avenue East, #204, lists Carrier & Sales Llc, not Wadani Properties, as the owner and taxpayer. A quick Google search revealed that Carrier & Sales Llc is a company that primarily operates in the Real Estate Property Managers industry.

Next I did a Google search for Wadani Properties. Business Profiles lists:

Garad Nor as the Registered Agent
Abdulkadir Abdullahi as the Manager

This is where it gets very interesting. A Google search on Abdulkadir Abdullahi revealed that he is Vice President of Dar Al Tawakul General Trading LLC:


Registered Agent:

Secretary Of The State
30 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106-0470

Filing State:

Connecticut (CT)

Domestic State:

Minnesota (MN)

Principal Address:

2200 E. Franklin Ave.
Ste. 204
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Mailing Address:

2200 E. Franklin Ave.
Ste. 204
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Vice President
Abdullahi Abdulkadir
2200 E. Franklin Ave.
Ste. 204
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Abidinasir Nur
2200 E. Franklin Ave.
Ste. 204
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Garad Nor
2200 E. Franklin Ave.
Ste. 204
Minneapolis, MN 55404

A search on Dar Al Tawakul General Trading LLC brought up this legal document [pdf] posted at the Investigative Project on Terrorism. This document is the Indictment of the two Rochester women who were found guilty of funding the terrorists, al Shabaab. Dar Al Tawakul General Trading LLC was listed as one of the “hawala money remittance systems” that the funds was transmitted through to al Shabaab. Scroll down to page 5, # 20 in the PDF.

Afterword from the Baron

The pdf of the indictment document Henrietta located was image-only — that is, there was no text component to extract. I printed all eleven pages, scanned them, and ran the results through OCR software to produce the text of the indictment. The results are below the jump, for anyone who is interested in copying or excerpting from the various counts against the two defendants.

The indictment was first filed on July 25, 2009. The most recent activity was on April 18, 2012 (defendant released to a halfway house). See Plain Site for details.


Editor’s Note - The PDF document found can be seen in its entirety at the Gates of Vienna web site. It was an image-only document so they scanned it and used OCR to make a rendering with corrections and changes only made when OCR software made errors. There are also many other related links there as well.


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