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UANI Applauds France's Safran for Pledging to Forgo Business in Iran






February 20, 2014  

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UANI Applauds France's Safran for Pledging to Forgo Business in Iran

Conglomerate that was on Recent French Trade Mission to Iran Tells UANI It Will Stay Out


New York, NY -Today, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) applauded French aerospace, defense, and security conglomerate Safran SA for pledging to forgo business in Iran.


According to reports earlier this month, Safran participated in a three-day French trade mission to Tehran to explore new business opportunities following the P5+1 and Iran's interim nuclear deal. On Tuesday, as part of its France Campaign, UANI called on Safran to clarify the purpose of its visit to Iran, and asked Safran to certify that it will not initiate any Iran business activities.


In subsequent correspondence with UANI, Safran stated that it agrees with UANI that "the vast majority of EU and U.S. sanctions against Iran remains in place and will continue to be enforced." Continued Safran: "It is the reason why Safran confirmed at this stage to continue to have no business with Iranian customers."


Said UANI CEO, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace:


We applaud and thank Safran for its response, and for pledging to stay out of Iran. We call on all businesses that participated in the French trade mission to Iran to follow Safran's lead, and forgo Iran business. As Presidents Obama and Hollande have made clear, the Geneva agreement gives no one a green light to enter or re-enter the Iranian market. Simply put, Iran is not open for business.


UANI's France Campaign tracks French companies that are exploring the Iranian market following the implementation of the Geneva interim agreement. Notwithstanding the terms of the agreement, there remain severe reputational, financial and legal risks associated with Iran business.


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United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Objectives of United Against a Nuclear Iran

  1. Inform the public about the nature of the Iranian regime, including its desire and intent to possess nuclear weapons, as well as Iran's role as a state sponsor of global terrorism, and a major violator of human rights at home and abroad;
  2. Heighten awareness nationally and internationally about the danger that a nuclear armed Iran poses to the region and the world;
  3. Mobilize public support, utilize media outreach, and persuade our elected leaders to voice a robust and united American opposition to a nuclear Iran;
  4. Lay the groundwork for effective US policies in coordination with European and other allies;
  5. Persuade the regime in Tehran to desist from its quest for nuclear weapons, while striving not to punish the Iranian people, and;
  6. Promote efforts that focus on vigorous national and international, social, economic, political and diplomatic measures. 

UANI is led by an advisory board of outstanding national figures representing all sectors of our country.


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