Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UN, West to CAR Christians: Stop defending yourselves, die...



About a year ago a well-armed, well-trained muslim militia, many of whom

from Chad and North Sudan and muslims from the local Central African Republic (CAR), (muslims only make about 13 percent of CAR population) decided to over throw that country's legitimate government and take control of the whole country. However, after they have succeeded in their conquest, they started a vicious and barbaric persecution against the country's majority Christian population. They destroyed Churches, looted and pillaged property and murdered thousands of unsuspecting Christians civilians and evicted hundreds of thousands of Christian villagers from their villages and feeding some to the crocodiles. In the face of all this, what did the UN and their Christ-hating, terrorist-supporting, homosexuality-obsessed Western-backers did to stop this vicious persecution and genocidal war against Christians in the CAR? It is obvious that since these victims were not "Gay" or muslims Obama, Canada, the Vatican, the UN and the Western elites completely ignored the plight of these African Christians. 



Realizing no one is about to help them,  towards the end of last year, some Christian youths organized themselves in their neighbourhoods, arming themselves with home-made weaponry they called themselves "Anti-Balaka" or Anti-Sword, they started defending themselves, and all of a sudden, Western media started condemning them, UN sent its biased memos against them, AU and France sent in thousands of soldiers, the so-called "international court of justice" faggs in the Hague appointed a muslim bureaucrat to press "War Crime" charges against them, and now the UN and their Western backers are demanding the Christian Anti-blaka militia to lie down their home-made arms and the French and AU forces have already started to disarming them by force! Please read the latest news about all this on the BBC links below 

and please ask your self why are the Western societies and their governments so supportive to muslims and "gays" but SO hateful to suffering Christians worldwide?


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